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Man leaning on CUPRA Formentor front grill

CUPRA Experience.

Rest easy knowing you can rely on exclusive CUPRA benefits from the moment you become an Owner. To get set up, just ask you nearest CUPRA Service Specialist.

Your single point of contact.

A CUPRA Master is a proactive, dedicated professional there to give you personal service and be at your side throughout every stage of ownership, meeting all your CUPRA service needs.

Priority Care

Harness the pleasure of crafted after-sales services fully suited to you.


Priority on appointments

As a CUPRA owner, you’ll receive priority on appointments any time you need to bring your car into the CUPRA Service Specialist.

Cleaning service

Free cleaning service to ensure that the vehicle is always delivered to the customer in an impeccable condition.

Maintenance Repairs

Time is truly of the essence, embrace every second with our 2-hour maintenance service.

Find a Dealer

Complete the care of your car.

Petrol or electric? Enjoy the same easy care for your car with the all-in-one CUPRA CARE or CUPRA e-CARE services.


Leave your worries behind.

Maintenance? Warranty? Insurance? Get everything for one easy monthly fee. With savings of up to 50%. Pure peace of mind on every journey.



Electric made easy.

Made the switch to electric? CUPRA e-CARE covers Service & Maintenance, Extended Warranty and even your own holiday rental car.


Discover CUPRA e-CARE